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By Sean Claes

One of the best things about being the Managing Editor of an entertainment magazine in Austin, Texas is I can introduce people to a great number of folks even though they don't fit in a set "demographic." I truly believe good music is good music, and that crosses all "who-are-the-folks-that-reads-this-statistical-mumbo-jumbo."

Darrell Scott is one of my favorite all-time singer-songwriters. When I heard he was going to play the Old Settlers Music Festival this month, I knew I had to track him down.

So, I did just that.

Scott has always played by his own rules. That has led him well through the years.

His story begins in the 1980s when he recorded an album of songs he wrote that got him signed to a label. After signing, the label scrapped that disc and had him record something completely different. So the songs remained, shelved, for over 20 years. He rectified this great wrong in 2003 when he released the album Theatre of the Unheard.

Last year, Scott put out a phenomenal disc in The Invisible Man. Again, a great collection of wonderful and thought-out songs by Scott, who has a knack of getting to the heart of the everyman.

I took the chance to have a short conversation with him late last month.

Sean Claes: "Let's Call it A Life" is probably my favorite track on The Invisible Man mostly because I can see myself in the songs. You have a fantastic way of capturing the "everyman" emotion and making it special. Darrell Scott: The only thing I know is to tell the truth to the best of my ability and in doing so, while I am talking about myself, it may leap into the everyman... 'cause i am an everyman, too.

Claes: Which Darrell Scott song best describes the way you feel at this point in your career?
Probably, "Looking Glass" because it just sums up where I am these days.

Claes: What was it like to finally release Theatre of the Unheard in 2003?
It felt like justice

Claes: You've been covered by the likes of The Dixie Chicks, Travis Tritt, Patty Loveless, and Sara Evans. Do you have anyone currently covering a song?
Famous people? Tim McGraw, Guy Clark and Brad Paisley... not so famous people, me. I cover the songs a lot.

Claes: You are coming to the area, playing the Old Settler's Music Festival on April 18. Are you looking forward to seeing anyone?
Danny Barnes will be great to see. I want to watch Joan Osborne sing. Psychograss will be kicking it. I want to hear Scott Vestal w/ Sam Bush.

Claes: What does music mean to you?
Music is universal language. It is frequencies and vibrations that effects me in deep ways I do not understand. I feel them and it resonates and sticks with me. Somewhere in me is all that I have heard, sounds endlessly gathering.

You'll have your chance to see Darrell Scott cover some of his own songs on April 18 at the Salt Lick Pavillion during the 20th Annual Old Settler's Music Festival ( For more on Scott himself, visit

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